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Desperate Grooves

24 Original Songs by Dave Gregorio

Desperate Grooves, by Dave Gregorio, all words and music Copyright 2019 by David Gregorio.  Featuring Greg Packham on drums, bass, keyboards and percussion; Vince Montalli on saxophone; Nancy Dunn, Dolores Libow, Debra Silber and Patrick Quinn on vocals; Dave Gregorio on guitar, vocals and harmonica.  Cover art by Ron Cioffi, photo of the earth by NASA.  Produced and engineered by Greg Packham and Packed Music in Fairfield, CT.  24 original songs.  You can listen for free!  Just go to the album and click the play button.  Check out these desperate grooves, and show me your very best dance moves!

Song List:  1. Rock you Again 2. Desperate Grooves

3. The Night That You Danced Into My Life 4. Saxocalypse 5. Bring the Colonel 6. Finny Don't Fall

7. Strange Spirits 8. Whirlpool of Love 9. Only A Sprain 10.  One Tough Cookie 11. Long Lost Love 12.  Grandpa's Teeth 13. Such A Marblehead 14. Sweet Little Middle Ager 15. One Shot 16. Let the Chips Fall 17. Atlantic Ocean Sunrise 18. Dance Like Crazy Man

19. Can't Be Cool 20.  Headlights In The Fog 21. Hippie Dippy Nostalgia 22. Stiff White Collar Blues 23. This Crazy Dream 24. Keep Your Soul Alive

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