• Dave Gregorio

Friday Is Here

After one particularly tough week at work, I got up from my desk and said: “Friday is here and I am gone.” On my way to the elevator I thought, "Hey, that's a pretty good song idea."


As the elevator carried me down to the lobby I thought, "does the world really need another song about a day of the week?" Especially weekend days. Before the doors opened I had already thought of “Almost Saturday Night,” “Saturday in the Park,” “Friday I’m In Love,” “Friday on My Mind,” “Another Saturday Night.” Still, I could not resist giving it a try.

It seldom happens anymore that I can say “this song wrote itself,” but this one really did. I thought of the lyrics for the three verses while I was walking down 43rd Street to Grand Central. Before the train left the station I had written them down. The next day, I pulled the words out, made a few changes, pulled out my guitar and sang the melody to a 16-bar rock and roll chord progression. Still, I thought it needed a bridge to break up the repetitive 16 bars. I decided to list the days of the work week from Monday to Thursday and say what was wrong with each one. I did two versions, with slightly different words each time.


Everyone calls Wednesday “hump day” so I wanted to use that in both versions of the bridge. If I used “over the hump” to end the Wednesday line, then I needed a word that rhymed with “hump” for my Thursday line. I decided to go with “new projects on my desk get dumped” the first time through. The second time I could not think of any clever line that ended in the word “chump” or “stump” or “bump” or “harrumph” or “clump” or “jump”; then I thought of a reality TV show starring a mean old real estate tycoon who told people: "You're fired."

So the second bridge ends with “Thursday, the boss decides to prove that he’s tougher than Donald Trump.” Honest, I wrote this song before he ever decided to run for president.


I recorded it at Greg Packham’s studio in Fairfield, Connecticut. I played guitar, Greg played everything else. Ken Dixon, Lys Guillorn and Pat Quinn were kind enough to sing backing vocals.

I think a bar band could have fun playing this on Friday night. The refrain is catchy for singers and dancers, and there is plenty of room for a good guitar soloist to stretch out. You can find the music over at www.davegregorio.com/music ... It’s track Number 6 on the “My Dizzy Visions” album. If you call up the site on your phone you’ll have to scroll down past the first album and liner notes to get there. You can listen for free, just press play.

Here are the lyrics. Believe me, everybody loves them. A lot of people say so:

Friday Is Here

All week long, you have to chase your tail, wait on hold, drown in all your email, rush like a fiend, only to sit and wait for your next appointment who’s an hour late. Now I’m counting down the days until I can cash my check and spend a couple of days with no millstone around my neck. I’ve been waiting for this moment since early Monday morn’: Friday is here and I am gone.

Monday, I can barely get out of bed. Tuesday, my inbox overflows with dread. Wednesday, the deejay told me that I was over the hump. Thursday, ten new projects on my desk get dumped. I need a vat of coffee to keep me keeping on until Friday is here and I am gone. (Guitar solo)

Monday, got to climb another mountain of work. Tuesday, bow and scrape to a bunch of jerks. Wednesday, my friends tell me that I’m over the hump. Thursday, the boss decides to prove that he’s tougher than Donald Trump. Hook me up to an I.V. of coffee, I’ve got to work from dusk to dawn until Friday is here and I am gone.

All week long everybody is pulling your chain. This necktie chokes my blood on its way to my brain. When the clock strikes five then I’ll be reborn. Friday is here and I am gone. Friday is here, Friday is here, Friday is here and I am gone.